Dedicated to building your dream home with quality service and quality construction.
   Why Edgewater? Because buying a home is generally the first major purchase you'll make in your life, and when deciding to build a home it is very important to make sure you choose the right building company. Searching the web, taking referrals from friends, or reading listings can be stressful. Naturally, you go into it with reservations and anxiety. We know this because we've been there ourselves, which is why at Edgewater Homes we strive to make your home dreams come true with no hassle.
   At Edgewater Homes we want you to enjoy the process of building, looking forward to each stage of construction and to feel at ease. We want you to trust in our home building knowledge and understand that we want you to have the home you’ve been dreaming of. Edgewater home builders will help you design your home to fit your needs, offering insights that will accommodate your budget and lifestyle. We have plans you can choose from or we can custom design your home from scratch. By choosing Edgewater Homes you are one step closer to having the home you’ve been dreaming of.

Thank you and Welcome Home,
The Edgewater Team